burrito  | 5
served with egg, cheese and peppers
(choice of bacon, chorizo, vegetarian or steak +3)

classic sandwich | 6
English muffin, egg, cheddar, bacon

Denver omelet | 6
egg, cheddar, ham,  onion, bell pepper

mushroom omelet | 6
egg, mushroom, Swiss, spinach

pancakes | 10 *

french toast | 10 *

cinnamon roll | 5 *

beef belly hash | 12 *

*only available on Saturday & Sunday from 10:00 – 2:00


french onion | 7
gruyere, swiss

tomato | 7
mini grilled cheese


mixed greens | 9
carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes,  red wine vinaigrette

romaine | 9
crouton, parmesan, garlic herb dressing

flatiron | 18
warm brussels, spinach, fingerlings, beef belly, walnut,


blue smoke | 15
blue cheese, caramelized onions,
bacon, brioche*

lohi | 16
bacon, cheddar, spicy mayo,
steak seasoning, avocado, brioche*



Thank you for allowing us to add a 20% gratuity on parties of 6 or more, we also advise that we pool all gratuities with the entire staff.

Customers are advised that a mandatory 3% employee wage & benefits support fee (”EWBS FEE”) will be added to all taxable sales transactions.
This fee, which is not a tax, is used to help support the cost of wages and benefits for hourly employees.
*These items may be served raw or undercooked based on your specifications, or contain raw or undercooked ingredients.
Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.