The Manhattan Project

The Manhattan is America’s most popular whiskey cocktail. The cocktail first hit the scene in the early 1880s and while it’s exact origins have been widely debated, one thing is certain; the cocktail is so old, it has outlived an actual recipe. Throughout history, the drink has changed and evolved leading to several popular variations. Our Manhattan project highlights those selections and are available for you to enjoy at home in two different sizes.

litre (1000 ml) – appx 10 drinks
100 ml – appx 1 drinks

Coming Soon!  Videos showing how each cocktail is made with lists of ingredients.


classic manhattan | 10 / 38
michter’s rye, dolin rouge vermouth, angostura bitters

perfect manhattan | 14 / 80
mb roland rye, dolin rouge, dolin dry, angostura bitters

black manhattan | 13 / 53
dickel rye, averna amaro, angostura bitters

brooklyn | 13 / 50
dickel rye, maraschino, dolin dry, ramazotti, angostura bitters

allspice manhattan | 13 / 48
4 roses bourbon, st. elizabeth allspice dram, dolin  rouge, angostura bitters

a midnight summer’s dram | 13 / 52
caskhouse rye, dolin rouge, dolin dry, sfumato rabararo, orange bitters, chocolate bitters

impro’pear’ behavior | 13 / 65
mars iwai japanese whisky, mathilde pear, dolin dry, orange bitters

greenpoint | 13 / 53
dickel rye, punt e mes, yellow chartreuse, angostura bitters